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Silicon Carbide is made from silica sand and petroleum cokes or blind coal. There are black silicon carbide and green silicon carbide. Because of high hardness, high welting point, high thermal conduct rate,  high temperature semi-conductor and low swell rate, as well as high steady, far-infrared radiation rate, acidproof, alkaliproof ect. special feature, the products are mainly used in abrasive material, abrasive tool, high temperature refractory materials, metallurgy oxygen reducing, fine ceramics, alloy, electron, chemical industry and space industry high technical field, specially the silicon carbide fined powder is now researched as a kind of new materials in super-century strategy, therefore has a very wide developing foreground.  


Large crystal silicon carbide is made from high purity silica sand and petroleum cokes. It is smelted at 2500c temperature for 150 hours in length of over 44m large electric furnace. So it is high purity, high density and large crystal. The hardness and tenacity is better than green silicon carbide. It can be used as abrasive materials, high grade refractory materials and fine ceramics etc.   


Sand of silicon carbide can be made by Japan/America/Europe standard as request. It is all made from high purity silican carbide(made of petroleum cokes and silica). Powder width is No.16-No.240.


Super fine powder of silicon carbide is made by advanced technology and imported machinery. Powder width is W63-W1.5(F280-F2500).


We can supply the following kinds of Silicon Carbide:


(1)Large Crystal Silicon Carbidesmallnew.gif (926 bytes)


(2)Black Silicon Carbide


(3)Green Silicon Carbide


(4)Sand and Super Fine Powder of Silicon Carbide


(1)Large crystal black silicon carbide

SIC 98.2 min
F.C 0.30 max
Fe2O3 0.30 max
Magnetic 0.04 max
Crystal form a-sic hexagonal system
Hardness Moh's 9.2 min
MSO 56 min
True density 3.21 g/cm3
Decomposition point 2600 c
Max usable temperature 1600 c (in air)
Size 0-50mm, 0-10mm, 6-3mm, 5-3mm, 3-1mm, 1-0mm,
-100mesh, -200mesh,-325mesh
Packing in 1mt flecon, or in 25kgs pp bags then in 1mt flecon


(2)Black silicon carbide made of silica and petroleum cokes or blind coal

SIC 98%, 97%, 95%, 90%, 88%, 85%, 70% min
Size 0-50mm, 0-10mm
Packing In 1mt flecon


(3)Green silicon carbide

SIC 98.5% min, 98% min
F.C 0.3% max
Fe2O3 0.3% max
Size 0-50mm, 0-10mm etc
Packing In 1mt flecon


(4)Sand and super fine powder of silicon carbide

Specifications: Black Silicon Carbide / Green Silicon Carbide
SIC 98% min, or 97% min, 95% min
Fe2O3 0.3% max
F.C 0.3% max
Size 8-5/5-3/3-1/1-0mm,
16#, 24#, 36#, 48#, 60#, 80#, 100#, 120#, 150#, 180#, 200#, 220#, 240#
W63, W20, W10, W5, W3.5, W1.5
Packing In 25kgs or 20kgs pp bags then in 1mt flecon, in 1mt big bags directly



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